BCH 2019-2020 Spring Tryouts, News (BCH Ice Dogs Minor Hockey)

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BCH 2019-2020 Spring Tryouts
Submitted By Shelby Lovett on Sun 03 24, 19

Spring tryout information is now available!

BCH Spring Tryouts:

  • Allows players an opportunity to showcase their skills at the end of the hockey season, and again at the start of a new season.

  • Allows BCH to organize our coaches earlier, giving them opportunities to upgrade certifications, and prepare for the hockey season.

  • September tryouts will be moved back a few days to make room for other sports teams to finish their seasons, as well to move the BCH hockey camp to the first week of September in Clinton. With the addition of the tryout sessions in the Spring, tryouts in September should be completed around the usual time.


  • Spring tryouts will include players from Peewee, Bantam and Midget divisions only.

  • Atom and Below are not included in the Spring tryouts because of rules changes beginning for the 2020/21 season from OMHA/Hockey Canada. The changes will require these divisions to wait until September for tryouts.

  • Tryouts will run from Friday, April 5th, and run through until Sunday, April 7th.

  • There will be two ice sessions for each divisions (Peewee, Bantam, Midget). These ice sessions are replacing the first two tryout ice sessions that were previously provided during September tryouts.

  • There is no guarantee on the number of tryout skates a player will get, or when a player can be released.

  • All spring tryout sessions will be held at the Hensall Community Centre.

Not Attending Spring Tryouts:

Interested in trying out for a BCH Rep team, but can not attend one or all of the spring ice sessions?

  • Send an email to [email protected] notifying of player absence.

  • Further clarification/confirmation of legitimate absence may be required.

  • If absence isn’t justifiable, players tryout fee will be returned and the player will be asked to join the Local League skates in September.

  • BCH understands and apologizes for the timeline from now until the beginning of tryouts, however, notification of Spring tryout dates was provided in the February newsletter.

Local League Teams/Initiation:

  • Players interested in playing on a BCH Local League team will have scheduled ice sessions in September after tryouts, to divide players evenly.

  • For the Initiation age group, updates as to when ice will begin, will be provided closer to September. In the past, ice time won’t begin until after September 15th, 2019 for this age group.

Tryout Ice Session Notification:

  • Each parent/guardian with a child(ren) registered for Peewee or Bantam Rep tryouts will receive an e-mail indicating your child’s jersey colour, and tryout sessions.

    • BCH are not able to divide the tryout teams evenly until the majority of players trying out for a Rep team are registered.

    • The e-mail address provided on your child’s registration will be where the above e-mail is sent.

    • All Midget division players trying out will find out their jersey colour when they attend their first tryout session.

Tryout Schedule and reminders for parents/guardians and players:

  • Please make sure you stay up-to-date by viewing the latest news and tryout dates on either the BCH website or the Facebook page.

  • Please make sure your child has enough time to pick up their assigned jersey, and be ready to go on the ice for their scheduled ice time.

Friday, Apr.5th

1. Bantam White/Blue, Group BCH        6:00 - 7:20 pm

2. Bantam White/Blue, Group IceDogs    7:30 - 8:50 pm

Saturday, Apr.6th

1. Peewee White/Blue, Group BCH        9:00 - 10:20 am

2. Peewee White/Blue, Group IceDogs    10:30 - 11:50 am

3. Midget White/Blue                12:00 - 1:20 pm

Break: 1:30-3:00 pm

4. Bantam White/Blue, Group BCH        3:00 - 4:20 pm (30 min scrimmage)

5. Bantam White/Blue, Group IceDogs    4:30 - 5:50 pm (30 min scrimmage)

Sunday, Apr.7th

1. Peewee White/Blue, Group BCH        10:00 - 11:20 am (30 min scrimmage)

2. Peewee White/Blue, Group IceDogs    11:30 - 12:50 am (30 min scrimmage)

3. Midget White/Blue                1:00 - 2:20 pm (30 min scrimmage)

Assigned Jerseys/Tryout Sessions/Releases:

  • Each player/goalie trying out for Rep hockey, will be assigned a jersey colour and number for the first ice session within their division. ALL jerseys MUST be returned after each tryout session.

  • Tryout jerseys will be available for pickup 30 mins prior to players scheduled ice time.

  • After the first ice session, players/goalies may be released from their respective tryout team.

  • Check the BCH webpage to see if your child is still on the tryout list, or if they have been released. To do this, go to your child’s division, and look for their assigned jersey colour and number. For example: If your child is trying out for Bantam, and they have been assigned #99 Blue Jersey, you need to check the Bantam Player Roster, and look for ‘99 Blue’.

  • If you see your child’s number and jersey colour, then they are to come back to the next tryout session for their division.  

  • If you do not see their number and jersey colour, your child has been released from the Rep team tryouts. A member from the BCH tryout committee will be in contact with you within two weeks after Spring tryouts, as to whether or not your child will be asked to attend the AE tryouts or Local League ice in September 2019 for their division.

  • There is no set time for the releases. For any releases that occur, BCH expects to make those releases on the day of the tryout session, however, not before 9:00 PM for Peewee, Bantam and Midget divisions.

      • New this year, an e-mail will be sent out indicating that the releases have been completed for the day. Please wait until you see this e-mail before telling your child if their jersey colour and number is still on the list.

Medical Information Sheet:

  • Please print off the attached medical information sheet, and bring it to your child’s first tryout session. Each player will need to provide this sheet before they can go on the ice for their tryout session. BCH can only accept a paper copy of the medical sheets, in case of injury during tryouts. The sheets are given to your child’s coach once teams have been finalized.

Instructors and Evaluations:

  • BCH has hired R & S Hockey from Seaforth, as the on-ice instructors to run all of our division’s tryouts. They are not evaluating the players, but running drills to allow the players to demonstrate their skills.

  • BCH has organized off-ice goalie and player evaluators for each division.

  • Please allow the on-ice instructors and the off-ice evaluators the opportunity to do the jobs they have been asked to do. The on-ice instructor will not adjust the ice session because a parent or coach has asked them to.

  • Evaluators will not communicate with parents/guardians about any player’s ‘chances’ of making a Rep team. Your child may be at risk of being removed from the tryout list if you choose to speak to these individuals about the tryout process.

  • After tryouts are completed and throughout the season, parents/guardian/players will refrain from commenting or complaining to evaluators or executive members in regards to a player not being selected for a Rep team. A player may be at risk of losing their privilege of trying out for future Rep teams if situations like this arise.

  • BCH continues to make every effort to make sure that the selection process is fair, and that no player misses out on playing the level of hockey that relates to their hockey skills. It is the player and parent/guardian responsibility to make sure the player is prepared for tryouts and demonstrate their skill at tryouts, as it is unfair to ask our evaluators to assume they will know how a player performs throughout the year or during playoffs.

Goalie Session: There will be no goalie session during the Spring tryouts. There are not enough goalie evaluators who can evaluate the goalies during the division tryouts, and the goalie sessions.

Body Checking Session: Due to provider injury, the body checking session previously booked is on hold.

  • If another provider is found, two 90 min ice sessions are booked for Tuesday, April.2, from 6:00 - 7:20 and 7:30-8:50 pm. BCH will contact players in the Bantam and Midget age categories if the session runs.

  • Although it is not mandatory for players in the CC and B category to attend a body checking clinic prior to tryouts, if you are able to find a clinic for your child, BCH highly recommends doing so.

Reminders to Players:

1. Every player/goalie shall be accepted and respected during the tryout process.

2. Players may not all be on one team, but are all members of BCH, and respect will be shown for the game and everyone involved in the game.

3. Breathe! Try your best during every skate, stay positive, and make the evaluators work to determine the most suitable options for BCH Rep teams.

Reminder to Parents:

1. Continue to support your child(ren) throughout the tryout process.

2. Always provide encouragement for positive efforts, and give support for possible lack of effort.

3. Help to reinforce the ‘Reminders to Players’ listed above, and show respect for all players trying out.

Looking forward to another exciting hockey season!

Brennan Greidanus

BCH Co-Coaches Chair

Medical Info Sheet

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