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Update from Seaforth Arena - November 13, 2020


BCHMHA 2020/2021 Return to Hockey August 2020

The BCHMHA Executive would like to thank you for your patience as we try to plan for our upcoming season.

Return to Play

BCHMHA is working with the Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF), the Public Health Unit (PHU), the Municipalities of Central Huron and Bluewater, and the Provincial Government, to follow the guidelines on the return to hockey and keep the safety of all involved as our priority.

The staged return to play approach aligns with the OHF Return to Hockey Framework and Hockey Canada’s Return to Hockey Safety Guidelines in focusing on the safety and wellbeing of all participants. Updated versions of the plan will be posted to the BCHMHA website as needed. All timelines within this plan are subject to change based on our evaluation of environmental factors and Government of Ontario restrictions.

Hockey Canada (including the OHF) has provided a comprehensive Safety Guidelines document, along with a FAQ document, to provide direction and support for organizations (executive, coaches, managers, trainers), parents, and players as they prepare to return to hockey. The information included in this plan should be reviewed regularly, as it provides a framework to follow for BCH as return to hockey planning continues.

The information is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The knowledge and circumstances surrounding COVID- 19 are changing and BCH recommends that the Government of Ontario COVID-19 site be accessed for the most up to date information.

Everyone entering the arenas will be required to do online self screening (this will include all players, parents, coaches, trainers, and officials). Details on this will be provided closer to the start of the season.

Based on OHF Return to Play plan and the current stage of return to play we will follow these guidelines:
• No tryouts
• No Rep teams
• Teams will consist of 9 players, 1 goalie, 1 coach, and 1 trainer
• Four/five teams to a division/bubble that will play and practice together
• Each age group may have multiple divisions based on registration
• At the current stage, play will be a 3 on 3 or a 4 on 4 format

BCHMHA will:
• Follow the Government of Ontario and local Health Unit COVID-19 guidelines.
• Comply with OHF and BCH Return to Hockey information.
• Utilize a Communications Officer from BCH (as instructed by OHF) to monitor updates and liaise with arena staff and the PHU
• Comply with all requirements of arenas/recreational facilities.
• Use a tracking sheet for each participant (players, bench staff), and maintain records for 30 days from completion of activity.
• Provide hand sanitizer on the bench and throughout the arena.
• Provide extra gloves in trainer kits.

BCH and arena facilities will work together to ensure everyone complies with the PHU and OHF guidelines to get our players back to enjoying the game of hockey.

BCH parents and players must follow these guidelines:
• Report any COVID-19 cases as required to PHU and BCH.
• Stay home if experiencing any symptoms (such as those listed on the OHF Health Screening Questionnaire)
• Become educated on the safety protocols and procedures prior to attending each session and adhere to them while at the session (e.g. physical distancing 2 feet apart).
• Ensure each player has his/her own water bottle, which is labeled and washed after each session.
• Some equipment should be washed (e.g. jerseys, pants, socks) after each session according to manufacturer guidelines. It is important that all equipment is kept clean at all times.
• Do not release any bodily fluid (e.g. spitting, blowing nose freely) anywhere in any arena due to an extremely high risk of virus transfer.
•Recommended to have hand sanitizer in hockey bags.
• No hockey bags left in lobby of arena, only in the dressing rooms when the dressing rooms are ready for your session.
• No sharing of equipment.
• Lobby is for entrance and washrooms only. A separate door will be used for exiting the arena. Arrows/signs will be placed in arena to clarify the proper exits.
• Everyone entering arena will be required to wear face coverings whenever moving throughout the arena, including dressing rooms.
• Maintain social distancing in dressing rooms.
• Showers are unavailable at this stage of return to play.
• Players are encouraged to arrive at the arena dressed. Dressing rooms are for tying skates only. For younger players who still require booster seats when travelling, dress what you can according to manufacturer's guidelines for the booster seat.
• Additional seating will be placed outside of change room door for skate tying. Two change rooms will be available per hour allowing for a maximum of 20 skaters per rental. The total number of participants in the arena during an ice rental is 25. This includes coaching staff and spectators if allowed.
• Users are permitted into the arena no sooner than 15 minutes before scheduled ice time and must depart within 15 minutes of completion of ice time. Doors will be locked and the screener at the entrance will provide access.
• There will be no more than 50 participants in arenas at one time.
• Dry land or warm up areas are not provided inside the arenas.
• The concession booth and vending machines will remain closed. Water fountains are for filling water bottles only.
• Keep travel within your cohorts.

Safety Expectations 
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