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After a very successful season coming to a screaming halt due to the crazy environment we are in right now, I have been able to reminisce a little about our season.

Going way back to tryouts I had a pretty good feeling that we were going to be a very good team this year with all the talent that was selected. This was really cemented when we had to start off the season rather short handed due to many injuries right off the hop. I remember having to go into Listowel with only 9 skaters, knowing they were going to be one of the top teams in our league I asked the boys if they knew how old-timer hockey was played. They looked at me puzzled and I said “well your about to learn, pass often, skate less. You will need your energy for the 3rd period just trust me.” The boys listened and we were able to score with around 10 seconds left in the game to secure the win. This was the beginning of what I knew, and I told them that we have a special group this year and we are going to do some pretty fun things.

Our tournament play was was a ton of fun, always making it to the semis but coming up short a few times. Those dang morning games just didn’t jive with the boys. Silver Stick was one of the biggest highlights of the year as we made it to the finals. I will never forget the atmosphere in that arena and how intense and zoned in the boys were. As we all know going into the 3rd, up 2-0 is the worst lead in hockey to have. We had a plan to go defensive as the boys were getting worn out. Kincardine came out strong and capitalized on a 5 on 3 then capitalized again on a power play. We came roaring back with a flurry of offensive opportunities but couldn’t put one past their goalie. As we all know they ended up scoring with a couple minutes left to secure the win. I was so proud of the way the boys played and handled the situation as it turned out to be a great learning opportunity for all of us.

As we finished the season we were told that we were going to be competing in the OMHA CC group. I knew right away that we were going to be facing a very strong South Huron team in the semi finals. We managed to handle Walkerton in 4 games. Then onto Hanover which gave us lots of excitement including an awesome ride in a couple limo buses, by the way, I think the parents had just as much if not more fun on the ride home despite a loss that night.
Game 5 in Hanover included coach Paul driving all the way to Quebec to pick up Kyle and Denver so they could play in game 5. This game was a pressure cooker as it came right down to the final minute which included cdog stopping a 2-0 breakaway And us scoring to solidify the series win.
As we finalized the schedule for the semis with South Huron I was talking with their coach and we both knew that this should have been the main event for the omha finals. We came out flying the 1st game sending them a message that we meant business coming away with the win. Second game they came out flying by playing a physical game and ended up with the win. 3rd game we rebounded nicely coming back from losing 3-2 to go up 4-3 into the 3rd. With a couple errors we ended up losing 5-4.
The 4th game we definitely outplayed them but just couldn’t get the bounces to go our way and ended up losing in overtime and lost the series. It was a disappointing loss but to be honest it was a proud moment for both teams as they poured their heart and souls into that series.

We finished up WOAA playoffs winning against Listowel and were ready to defend our WOAA championship from the past season when everything came to a sudden halt.

I always do a quick summary of each player so here it goes.

Christian C-dog DeJong
The rock star. The back bone of the team. The shutout man. The game changer. Unbelievable season my friend. Pleasure coaching you all these years.

Denver Ladd
A quality leader, considered one of the best in the league. Top point leader. Usually has a something smart ass to say. Lol was fun coaching you for past 2 seasons

Wesley Sherratt
Took us both a while to figure it out but he plays his best hockey when aloud to play a more physical game. Just as long as he didn’t retaliate. Great composure not retaliating. Best game of the year in minto. 4 goals, nice work, was a pleasure coaching you the past 2 seasons

Neely Wiggins
Plays fearless, willing to do anything you ask of him. One of the smartest players on the ice. Great season Neely and best of luck next year

Kohen Adams
Well I don’t really like saying much about my own kid. Great season Kohen, very proud of you. I’ve loved coaching you and your friends for many years. Cheers bud

Kyle Dolmage
My second son. Lol, he has the incredible ability to play both forward and defence at very high level. Probably one of the fastest kids in the league. Great season and great leadership and great Dj work in the dressing room

Trent Carter
Hard nose player that will do anything asked of him. Got in his first hockey fight. Tough kid who earned the nick name mayweather. It was a pleasure coaching you Carter, always a smile on your face. Very infectious

Johnny Pelss
I couldn’t imagine having to sit out most of the season due to rough housing it in tryouts, lol sorry Johnny just kidding. You came back, showed extreme resilience in the final series against South Huron and played a great series. Wish we could have had you right from the start. Good luck next year Johnny hockey.

Sawyer Verhoef
The team fun guy. Always cracking up some sort of joke to keep the dressing room loose. Was always a positive spirit. Was a pleasure to coach you soydog goodluck next year

Evan Langendoen
Most improved defence from the start of tryout to the end of the season. Very reliable steady defence player. Was also willing to do whatever asked of him. Great season

Troy Langendoen
The workhorse, highly skilled, fast skating slick defence who could jump up to forward and provide a spark. Even though he didn’t like forward he always seemed to score a key goal when needed. Great work it’s been a pleasure coaching you the past 2 seasons

Ej Smith
A very pleasant surprise in his play this year as a defence especially in the playoffs were he stepped up his game and played a very physical game creating havoc for the opposing team. Great work ej. Great coaching you.

Tyson Merner
Great 2 way player playing both forward or defence when called upon. I’ve never seen a guy come off smiling so many times after either giving a thunderous hit or receiving a thunderous hit. Tough as nails kinda player. Great work this season. Was a pleasure coaching you.

Brett Young
Younger as we call him is also a dynamic 2 way player. He’s always willing to do anything you ask of him. Very reliable player, skates like the wind and can shoot like Brett hall. Great season younger. Great coaching you the past 2 seasons

I’d also like to thank the bench staff:

Paul Dolmage
We’ve coached a long time together and I’ve loved every minute of it. You have always brought a fun and calming element to our coaching tandum. The drives to and from games were always fun. Especially after. Cheers

Ernie Smith
Thanks again for helping out again this year. It’s always a pleasure having you around, always willing to do whatever is needed and asked of. Thanks again to a great season my friend

Brian Young
Thanks again for stepping up and taking the trainers course to become our trainer. You always made sure the boys had all their needs taken care of no matter what. Great season and always fun to be around

Laura Mulder
Thanks for all your countless hours that you put in organizing this team from behind the scenes. Your dedication was much appreciated and I glad that I’ve gained a new friend through hockey.
Cheers and thanks again for all you do.

Tanya Merner
Thank you for the role of parent rep/fundraising and also the amazing home game introduction piece that you took the time to make. The boys absolutely loved it.

Also thanks to Pat and Lisa Dejong for running the time clock most of the games and for always doing the home game - game sheet!

I’m sure I’ve missed some people along the way, your role as a supportive parent meant a lot.

Team Awards:
Most Valuable Player: Christian DeJong
Most Improved Player: Evan Langendoen
Most Sportsmanlike Player: EJ Smith
Most Dedicated Player: Tyson Merner





A season wrap up message from the Atom AE Coach Ryan Munn:

Goalie:Leicia Baldwin
Defence: Max Mellor, Lleyton Durand, Adam Munn
Forwards: Jaxson Berndt, Ben Wise, Koen Dykstra, Graynger Flynn, Kane Cantelon, Aven Hoogenes
Forward / Defence: Brodie Bain, Ben Wynja, Carson Brady

Affiliated players that played games for our team:
Lukas Brand, Andreas Brand, Wes Coleman, Kipton MacDonald.

Coaching Staff
Trainer: Autumn Baldwin – goalie coach, kept team spirits up
Trainer: Becky Flynn – made sure the kids were well cared for when injured – she was our good luck charm in Alymer.
Asst. Coach: Adam Durand – Calm and steady attitude helped the defence remain calm
Asst. Coach: Tyler Brady – turned the teams skating ability around, improved face-offs
Manager: Lindsay Kinsmen – kept the team informed
Head Coach: Ryan Munn

Parent Rep: Sonya Brady – set up our game sheets and was a good communicator for the team
Thank you to the Berndt family for looking after the jerseys all season.

On-Ice help:
Jason Wise – demonstrated drills, helped keep practices moving
Scott Cantelon – demonstrated drills and was a good role model for the kids

The team had a strong tournament in St. Mary’s at the beginning of the year making it to the semi-finals. Played against bigger centers. The team played a strong regular season keeping each game close even against bigger centers, and against rep level teams. The team won gold at the Alymer Tournament winning 6 games, 3 wins on Sunday including a win against a team from London. Only 3 goals against the entire tournament. The team made it to the Semi-finals in the All Ontario Play-offs. The team advanced to the finals in the Western Ontario Play-offs.

It was a great group of kids, coaches, and parents. Going to the arena to see them was something that I looked forward to. The kids enjoyed each other’s company and they bought into passing the puck, and team-play very early in the season. Coaching this team is something that I will remember fondly.

Proudest Moment

Watching how hard the kids played against East Lambton in the All Ontario Semi-Finals. We got behind in each game, but the kids played strong up to the last seconds, even in the elimination game. Parents and coaches of the other team were very impressed at our players' attitudes and said they never felt comfortable until the games were over. They referred to the team as one of the best they played all season.

Team Awards:
Not easy to pick with this group of kids. Each player was deserving of an award.

MVP: Leicia Baldwin
She was focused each game and was consistently the best goalie on the ice. She even entertained the crowd with her dancing. She was good about coming to the bench when the other team had a penalty. To keep things interesting, she would sometimes come over when no penalty had been called.

Most Dedicated: Jaxson Berndt
He was a kid that we could count on to be at practices and games and play his hardest during his ice time. He was quiet and steady and set a good example for the kids to follow on the ice and off the ice.

Most Sportsmanlike: Ben Wynja
He had the most penalty minutes on our team by far, and he probably had near the most in the league. However, he was a kind kid, a friend to all of the players on the team, and someone the kids all looked up to.

Most Improved: Koen Dykstra
Koen had a great attitude from the time tryouts started, right up to the very last practice. He was the first to pick up the team spirits after getting put out of the all-Ontario finals. His skating and puck handling skills improved as the season progressed. His first goal didn’t come until December 28th, but he was hard to stop after that.



Here's a link to the Atom Local 1 video by Coach Kevin Van Den Neucker!





PeeWee Rep

Highlights of the Peewee Rep season and team award winners. Also the recipient of the 19/20 Joey Deputter award.


Bantam Local 1

Coach Steve Baldwin talks about his team and their 19/20 season.

Also, watch for the reveal of the recipient of the 19/20 Optimist Award.

The Optimist Dedication award was donated by the Clinton Optimists in 2014 to a Local League player who is an overall positive influence on their teammates and leads by example.

To be eligible for this award, the local league player must be considered to be the most dedicated to their team. The player would show this by being the best teammate possible, showing leadership by being one of the hardest, most consistent workers, by listening to their coaches, working hard in games and practices, and showing good sportsmanship in all circumstances.


Atom Local 2 team with a video from Coach Joey.



Initiation 2 Team with a video from Coach Sidwell.



Bantam AE End of Season

From Coach Dykstra:

Our season started off great! The boys gelled quickly to win Gold in the St. Marys Tourney in October. Over the course of the season, we practiced hard, and it showed.

After a heartbreaking shootout loss in the Ayr Silverstick finals in December, the boys set their sights on the biggest tournament of the season, the OMHA playdowns!

We knew we had a good shot at it, as long as we stuck to the system and played hard as a team. They started off with a 3-0 series win vs. Listowel, a 3–1 series win vs. Tilsonburg, and then a 3-0 series win vs. Penetang.
Three series down with one left to go for the OMHA finals vs. Mt. Brydges. These boys worked hard all year for this moment and it was theirs to enjoy!

We started game 1 strong, but let the game go after the 2nd period and lost 5-1. The boys knew they needed to step it up and play stronger. Game 2 in Mt Brydges was intense, to say the least! With 10 seconds left in the game, we lost 3-1 with an empty-net goal. I feel we outplayed Mt.Brydges, and the series was far from over when we were shut down immediately after that game due to Covid19. It was heartbreaking, confusing, and upsetting for our boys. They worked hard for this moment that doesn’t come along too often, and to be left unfinished like that didn’t seem fair. The boys had the heart and talent to win it all.

Finally, OMHA announced Co-Champions to both Mt. Brydges and to BCH. Not how we wanted to win it, but due to the circumstances, it feels fair to both sides that were left hanging.

To the bench staff, I would like to thank all of you that helped out this year. You guys did a great job with the boys, always with a positive attitude, and pushing for more on the bench. To everyone behind the scenes, the jersey’s being washed, organizing the door, our parent rep, parent volunteers during playdowns making our home opener memorable, the fans that cheered us on all season...everyone had their part on this team.
To Tom Wiliscraft for managing this team, it's a big job and I depended on you a lot! Made my job a lot easier to focus on the boys. We had some great practices as well, with lots of extra help from parents.

To the boys, I would like to congratulate you on a great season and for winning a Red Hat as OMHA Co-Champs! Times like these don’t happen very often, so enjoy this moment with your teammates! You boys gave us everything you had on any given night! We are very proud of you all!

The Award Winners:

MVP Lucus Preszcator
On any given night you were one of the strongest players out there. You started the year on forward and then moved back to defence, always doing what we asked with no hesitation.

Most Dedicated Henry Regier
You were always involved in the dressing room and on the ice, and you got along with everyone on this team. You were also the only one that got a 1 Game suspension all season. 

Most Sportsmanship Haden Smith
You were also very involved in the dressing room and on the ice, and one of the hardest-working boys at practice and at games. Also, your “quotes” were very amusing. 

Most Improved Quinn Wilson
Always showing up with a great attitude all season long, and as the season progressed you gained more and more confidence in every game. We could always count on you to be a solid D-man.

These awards are tough to hand out when it takes a whole team to win, very hard to just pick 4 players off of an OMHA Championship team! Just so proud of you all, truly.

Congrats on a great and highly successful season!
Until next season boys...

Coach Butch Dykstra
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