Registration (BCH Ice Dogs Minor Hockey)


BCH Minor Hockey Association - 2017-2018 Registration

A complete hockey program for boys and girls of all ages.

BCH serves the youth of Bayfield, Clinton and Hensall in Huron County, Ontario, Canada. 


Please note that there are several changes made to the registration form.

We are looking for your BCH 'Respect In Sport' certificate number on this form.  If you don't have it on you, you can find it here:
(note:  when asking for user -  it must be the parent who did the course and their birthday)

If you are registering a child who has never played hockey - this course needs to be completed before the child can register.
If you are registering a child who has on older sibling that has played BCH Minor Hockey - please attach that child to your certificate.
(You can do this at the above listed website)
You will also need to log in - if you can't remember your password, it will email it to you.   Go to the top of the page and click the profile tab and this is where you can add more children.

If your child is new to BCH Minor Hockey - we will need a copy of their Birth Certificate.  

Also, Pre-tyke will now be referred to as Initiation.  It is the way that OMHA is  now referring to that age group - so to keep things less confusing we will be using that term as well.

One last thing,  please include your 911 mailing address as well as your box number (if you have one) on the address line of the registration form.  We need both to roster your child.

For more information contact: by email: Laura Mulder or by telephone at 519-525-0590.

Thanks so much!
Looking forward to another great hockey season!!!

BCH Minor Hockey Executive


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