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BCHMHA Policy & Procedure Manual
Bayfield, Clinton, Hensall Minor Hockey Association (BCHMHA)

BCHMHA Policy # 1 Player Equipment and Safety
BCHMHA Policy # 2 Player Injury and Return to Play
BCHMHA Policy #3 Coaches Committee
BCHMHA Policy #4 Grievance Committee
BCHMHA Policy #5 Game Curfew Policy
BCHMHA Policy #6 Playing Time
BCHMHA Policy #7 Purchasing Policy
BCHMHA Policy #8 Remuneration for Volunteers
BCHMHA Policy #9 Discipline and Suspension
BCHMHA Policy #10 Harassment and Abuse
BCHMHA Policy #11 Alcohol and Drugs
BCHMHA Policy #12 Allocation of Ice Time
BCHMHA Policy #13 Policy and Procedures Committee
BCHMHA Policy #14 Coaches Selection
BCHMHA Policy #15 Team Selection Process
BCHMHA Policy #16 Affiliation
BCHMHA Policy #17 Coed Dressing Rooms
BCHMHA Policy #18 Tournaments
BCHMHA Policy #19 Equipment
BCHMHA Policy #20 Refunds
BCHMHA Policy #21 Releases
BCHMHA Policy #22 Community Service Hours
BCHMHA Policy # 23 Election of Officers
BCHMHA Policy # 24 Police Checks
BCHMHA Policy # 25 Try-Outs
BCHMHA Policy # 26 Compensation for teams in OMHA/OWHA Playdowns and International Silver Stick Tournaments
BCHMHA Policy # 27 Traveling to out of town games or tournaments
BCHMHA Policy #28 Player Movement to a Higher Age Division



BCHMHA Policy #1
Player Equipment and Safety


All BCH Registered players must have the following equipment on at all times when on any BCH related on ice function, this includes all games, practices, Goalie School and any other BCH Function or BCH affiliated team event (this includes all girls players, regardless of league affiliate rules)

CSA Approved Helmet with full face shield/visor (date on the helmet must not be expired)

  1. Mouth guard
  2. Neck Guard
  3. Shoulder Pads
  4. Elbow Pads
  5. Hockey Gloves
  6. Jock or Jill
  7. Hockey Pants
  8. Shin pads
  9. Skates


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BCHMHA Policy #2
Player Injury and Return to Play


BCHMA will follow the OMHA HTCP guidelines for return to play, BCH also requires the following:

Any player who is injured on the ice during any BCH event and is forced to leave the ice and seek medical attention must follow the following procedures:

  1. Have the attending Physician complete the “Hockey Canada Injury Report”. These can be found on the OMHA website and the BCH Website. All BCH teams must carry copies of these forms in their trainer’s kit.
  2. These forms must be forwarded to the BCH Team Trainer and copied to the BCH Coaches Chair.
  3. The injured player must have an HTCP return to play form completed by the attending Physician, clearing the player to return to practice and game action. No player will be allowed to return to any BCH related ice function without first submitting this form to the team trainer and the BCH Coaches chair. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS. These forms can be found in the OMHA website under the HTCP program, and it can also be found on the BCHMA website.


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BCHMHA Policy #3
Coaches Committee 

The Executive shall establish a Coaches Committee comprised of two Co-Coaches Chairs. One Co-Chair will represent Initiation to Atom and the other Co-Chair will represent PeeWee to Midget. Each year the Co-Chairs will appoint Division Reps for each division, for a one year term. When player registration numbers are available, the Coaches Committee will bring forth a motion to Executive indicating how many teams and what level should be created in each division. The Coaches Committee will also be responsible for all aspects of the coaching application process and will bring forth a motion to Executive indicating who will be the Head Coach of each team for the coming season. The Coaches Committee will also organize and manage all aspects of the player tryout process.

BCHMHA Policy #3.5 Division Reps (New policy August 1, 2018 as approved by Executive) One Division Rep will be appointed for each division of BCH by the Coaches Committee. The term of service shall be one year. Division Reps will work in an advisory capacity to the Coaches Committee which may include but is not limited to, assisting with the coaching selection and decisions related to types of teams (Rep, AE, Local) that will be offered.

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BCHMHA Policy #4
Grievance Committee

The purpose of the Grievance Committee is to attempt to resolve disputes as soon as possible after such disputes have arisen, without the necessity of resorting to a full Executive meeting.

  1. The grievance committee shall consist of three members of the Executive.
  2. All grievances shall be in writing, signed and delivered to the grievance committee chair or co-chair.
  3. The complainant must state in the written complaint whether the complainant wishes to appear before the committee.
  4. The committee will review the complaint within five days upon receipt and, if the complaint is about an individual or about another committee, the committee shall call on the individual or the members of that committee for response.
  5. The committee shall make its response within two weeks of the meeting, while attempting to mediate any interpersonal disputes as soon as possible.
  6. The decision of the grievance committee shall be by the way of recommendation only. Any person dissatisfied with the recommendation of the grievance committee may appeal such recommendation to the Executive.
  7. If the recommendation is appealed to the entire Executive, any member of the Executive who are also members of the grievance committee shall be entitled to vote.


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BCHMHA Policy #5
Game Curfew

1. All BCHMHA games must be curfewed as a result of other ice users being entitled to the full ice slots that they booked that may follow BCH users, the following is the Policy that will be followed.

2. BCH Teams will be allotted the following time slots for games:


  1. Pre tyke to Atom: 1 hr ice booked for games (50-minute hour)
  2. Pee Wee and above: 1.5hr ice booked for games (1hr 20 for ice, subtract 10 at end for flood)


3. All BCHMHA games will end 10 mins prior to the end of the slot booked in order to allow for a flood at the conclusion of their game. It is the Home coaches responsibility to indicate on the game sheet that the game is curfewed.


  1. The coaches and the referee should check the time left prior to the start of the 3rd period and adjust the time to be put on the clock for the last period based on what is left in their ice slot. Coaches and referees should discuss and agree to this prior to the start of the last period.
  2. If the ice user who has the ice booked immediately after is a BCH user, and the ice slot is for a practice only, the game may run over, but by “the 10 minute flood time” only.
  3. If your ice is the last booking for the day, you may play with no curfew in place, but arrangements must be made with Arena staff prior to the start of the game.


4. No curfews for playoff games.

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BCHMHA Policy #6
Playing Time

BCH Minor Hockey Association is committed to the principles of sportsmanship, including and using all reasonable attempts to ensure that players receive equal opportunity to contribute towards the success of the team. All coaches shall attempt to play all players equally, including goaltenders except for the following circumstances:

  1. In the case of discipline of a player by a coach, a coach may elect not to play a player for not more than one game per occurrence. If the coach feels further discipline is required, the coach shall contact the coaches committee, who shall bring the matter to executive members.

  2. During the final five minutes of any regular season game, during any power play, during any short-handed situation, or part of the final game or potentially final game of any playoff series, play-down series, or tournament. This needs to be discussed with players and parents at the beginning of the season and agreed upon.


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BCHMHA Policy #7
Purchasing Policy

  1. The Executive shall approve all purchases.
  2. All purchases shall be accompanied by receipts, which shall be returned to the treasurer.
  3. To the extent possible, the association should encourage the purchase of goods and services from local businesses and/or businesses that have provided financial support to the association in current or past years.


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BCHMHA Policy #8
Remuneration for Volunteers

BCH Minor Hockey Association is a non-profit organization. One of the requirements of this is that the Executive members serve without compensation. Our Executive Members are however entitled to honorariums. Members of the Executive and all head coaches shall, in each year, be entitled to receive one season’s pass that will include playoffs to any BCH Minor Hockey game.

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BCHMHA Policy #9
Discipline and Suspension

Generally, Ontario Minor Hockey Association/Ontario Women’s Hockey Association rules dictate the penalties and suspensions which may be levied against a player or team official for conduct on or off the ice. We abide by the OMHA Code of Conduct.
Some types of conduct, whether on or off the ice, however, may warrant additional discipline or suspension. All OMHA/OWHA penalties and suspensions shall be considered to be minimum penalties and any penalty set out in this policy will be in addition to such penalty.

  1. The Executive shall establish a discipline committee consisting of the President and two other members from the Executive. This committee shall be informed of all suspensions throughout the year.
  2. The discipline committee may suspend a team official for a period not exceeding three games for any of the following infractions:
    1. abuse of a player on the team official’s team;
    2. abuse of a player on an opposing team;
    3. abuse of another team official on the official’s own team or an opposing team;
    4. abuse of a game official;
    5. abuse of any member of the executive;
    6. engaging in any activity which, in the opinion of a majority of the discipline committee, would constitute a danger to any member of the team official’s team or to any member of an opposing team;
    7. any form of disrespectful conduct.
    8. being under the influence of alcohol or drugs while involved in a BCH Team Function, or having alcohol or drugs in their possession during a team event.
  3. If a team official has been suspended under any of the preceding circumstances, the Executive may name a team official to take the place of the suspended team official during the period of suspension, if necessary.
  4. Notwithstanding the above, the discipline committee may recommend an indefinite suspension of a team official to the Executive.
  5. The discipline committee may suspend a player’s playing privileges for a period not exceeding three games (no amount of registration refund will be considered) under the following circumstances:
    1. abuse of a fellow player;
    2. abuse of a player on the opposing team;
    3. abuse of a team official whether on that player’s team or on an opposing team;
    4. abuse of a game official;
    5. abuse of a member of the Executive;
    6. engaging in any activity that, in the opinion of a majority of the discipline committee, would constitute a danger to any member of that player’s team or to any member of an opposing team;
    7. any form of disrespectful conduct.
  6. Any team official or player may appeal any suspension levied by the discipline committee to the Executive which shall hear such appeal within seven days of the appeal being filed, in writing, with the player represented at the meeting along with the accuser.
  7. Notwithstanding the above, the discipline committee may recommend an indefinite suspension of a player’s playing privileges to the Executive.
  8. In any situation where it is believed by the members of the discipline committee to constitute a risk to himself or herself, other players, game or team officials, the discipline committee may request, in writing, that the Executive suspend such player for an indefinite period of time until that player is able to present to the Executive evidence that the player no longer presents such a danger. Such evidence may be in the form of medical or psychological evidence, or proof that the player has taken steps to deal with anger management as may be deemed advisable by the executive.
  9. In the situation, where a parent/guardian of a player, has been sanctioned with a suspension from all BCH activities, and that parent/guardian chooses to ignore the active sanction and attend their child’s game, the coach will NOT play that player until the parent/guardian leaves the premises entirely. The coach will notify the Executive immediately after the game of the incident. 


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BCHMHA Policy #10
Harassment and Abuse

BCH Minor Hockey Association is a member of the Canadian Hockey Association (CHA). The CHA has developed policies and procedures on harassment and abuse of players. BCHMHA has adopted all of the policies put forward by the CHA through the prevention services program.

Definition of Harassment: Conduct, gestures, comments, which are insulting, intimidating, humiliating, hurtful, malicious, degrading or otherwise offensive to an individual, which creates a hostile or intimating environment for work or sports activities. Definition of Bullying: A person expressing their power through the humiliation of another person. It normally involves inappropriate behaviours, which are typically cruel, demeaning and hostile toward their bullying targets. Bullying is typically broken down into four groups. - Physical - Verbal - Cyber bullying - Relational (cut victims from social connection by convincing peers to exclude or reject a person)

BCH does not condone bullying or harassment in any way, shape or form. This extends to players, coaches, team staff, executive, officials, parents or spectators. BCH will attempt to ensure we provide an environment that is free of these types of activity and is enjoyable by all involved.

What the team will provide: The team will ensure it provides supervision at all team functions, including in the dressing room, on the ice, and any other location where the staff requires team members to be as part of the BCH organisation. At no time are players to be left unsupervised.
What is expected of the players/parents/spectators/staff: You are expected to abide by team and BCH rules, act in a respectful manner to all, and to refrain from any acts of harassment or bullying. If you witness any bullying or harassment by anyone you have a duty to report it to a team official or a member of the BCH executive.
Discipline: If anyone is witnessed participating in bullying or harassment they will be removed from the team activity immediately. The situation will then be reviewed/investigated by the team staff and reported to the Coach’s chair and President.
If it is determined that the person did in fact participate in a bullying or harassing act, they will be, on a first offence, suspended for a minimum of 3 games, which includes any practices or team functions that occur during that time. The discipline committee prior to the person returning will then review this.

On a 2nd offence the person will be suspended from all BCH activities for a minimum of the balance of the BCH season, with no refund forthcoming. The discipline committee and the executive to determine what the full extent of the suspension may be will then review the suspension. Please be advised that in all cases the authorities may be contacted and charges could be laid.



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BCHMHA Policy #11
Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol and drugs are strictly forbidden from all BCH team related functions. If a BCH member arrives at any function with alcohol or drugs in their possession they will immediately be asked to leave the facility and the proper authorities may be contacted. If the member is deemed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they will also be removed from the BCH function. The issue will then be reviewed by the team staff and the BCH discipline committee before the next team function occurs to determine further discipline. In all issues relating alcohol the President and the Coach’s Chair are to contacted as soon as possible.


 Any involvement of alcohol or drugs while in a BCH team environment, will be reviewed by the discipline committee and the BCH Executive. If found to be in violation of the above rules, on a first offence, the person will be suspended from all BCH Activities for a minimum of 3 games, which will also include any practices or team functions that may occur during this time. On a 2nd offence the person will be suspended for a minimum of the remainder of the BCH Hockey Season with no refund forthcoming.

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BCHMHA Policy #12
Allocation of Ice Time

  1. To the extent possible, BCHMHA shall attempt to allocate one practice and one game time per week to all teams, subject to playoff schedules and number of league games that such teams may have scheduled subject to OMHA/OWHA recommended game lengths and start times.
  2. In allocating practice times, players in the Mite, Tyke, Novice, Atom and Peewee age groups shall, if possible, be allocated practice time ending prior to 9:00 PM.
  3. To the extent possible, each team shall be entitled to a minimum one fifty minute ice practice per week.


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BCHMHA Policy #13
Policy and Procedures Committee

  1. Executive shall appoint a policy and procedures committee consisting of three members of the executive. This committee shall meet not less than once per year to review the policies and procedures of the Association.
  2. Any person wishing to suggest an amendment to the policies and procedures shall submit such proposed amendment in writing to the policies and procedures committee. The policy and procedures committee shall review such a request and shall forward it to the Executive together with a report (whether verbal or written) indicating whether the policy and procedures committee supports such amendment. The Executive shall consider such a proposed amendment at its next regularly scheduled meeting and shall invite the person proposing such amendment, to speak in favor of such amendment at such meeting.
  3. All amendments made to the policy and procedures manual will be posted on the Minor Hockey Board for 30 days prior to being officially amended
  4. The Executive may vary any policy contained in this manual by simple majority vote, at any regularly scheduled meeting of the executive following the 30-day posting.
  5. The policy and procedures committee shall publish annually an updated Policy and Procedures Manual available for inspection by any member of the Association.

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BCHMHA Policy #14
Coaches Selection

1. The objectives of the Executive for coach selection are:
a. to choose the best available coaches for all players on all BCH Minor Hockey Association hockey teams;
b. to ensure that coach selection does not prejudice the selection of the most suitable hockey players for all teams;
c. the Coaches Committee acts on the premise that more than one person has shown an interest in coaching a team and a minimum of Level Coach or CHIP has been or will be obtained.
2. Applications for coaching will be available:
a. prior to the end of the current hockey season;
b. by contacting any member of the coaches committee;
c. online from BCHMHA Website.
3. Completed applications are to be returned to the Coaches Committee three weeks prior to team selection. The Coaches Committee may have a discussion with an
applicant relevant to:
a. clarifying any confusing information on the application or;
b. asking new or unknown applicants about their previous coaching history or to explain the BCHMHA team selection process and philosophy regarding playing time, responsibilities of the coach during the year, guidelines and any other
important information.
4. Only those who have submitted a written application will be considered for the position of head coach for a team.
5. The selection of head coaches will be determined, in no specific order, by the following guidelines:
a. applicant’s preference to coach at a specific age level;
b. applicant’s second choice to coach at another age level;
c. past coaching experience;
d. any additional information or knowledge that members of the committee may have regarding the abilities, skill level, experience or parent concerns;
e. the Executive will consider a new, qualified applicant for coaching positions where a parent has been a head coach on their son or daughter’s team for two consecutive years, subject to approval.
6. Every attempt must be made by the members of the Coaches Committee to remove any personal bias towards any applicant. Only information or knowledge relating to the applicant’s hockey skills or attitude and behaviour on or off the ice while
representing the team or BCHMHA should be discussed.
7. Coaches will be selected in a timely manner to allow the Coaches Committee the ability to arrange certification or refresher clinics for the selected coaches if necessary. It also gives applicants not selected an opportunity to pursue other coaching opportunities.
8. All coach selections are to be presented, by way of Motion from the Coaches Committee, to the BCH Minor Hockey Association’s Executive for approval prior to notifying any of the applicants. Notification to the coach’s selected and those applicants not selected will be completed as soon as possible by the Coaches Committee after the approval by the Executive.
9. All head coaches have the option to select the assistant coaches, trainers, manager and other team officials of interested people in that age group or from their own preferences. The Executive reserves the right to accept or deny any team official.
10. All coaches will be required to organize practices as set out by the coaches committee. BCHMHA requires, whenever possible, that a minimum of 50% of practice time be dedicated to skating and skill development drills, as prescribed in Hockey Canada’s Coaching Manuals. 


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BCHMHA Policy #15
Team Selection process

1. The selection committee will be comprised of four grading members:
a. The Rep team coach (if a head coach has not been picked yet, an unbiased
member, as selected by the Coach’s Committee shall take the coach’s place);
b. One member from the Coaches Committee not associated with the team;
c. Two selectors assigned by the Coaches Committee that do not have an
affiliation with the team or any players on the team being selected.
2. The selection committee may start to eliminate players that in the selection
committee’s opinion will not be suitable for either a REP or AE team.
3. There will be a minimum of four nights of skating to evaluate the players along with a
possible scrimmage against another center or team. THERE IS NO GUARANTEED
4. Both the Coaches Committee and the Executive will determine how many players will
be on each team. Both the Coaches Committee and the Executive will decide if there
will be an AE team or not based on the team’s ability to compete at that level.
5. In all cases, every effort will be made to make teams in each age category equal in
numbers. If more than one House/Local League team is entered in a specific age group,
the Coaches Committee along with the coaches will make sure that the HL/LL teams are
equally balanced in regard to skill.
6. Bench staff will be selected after the teams are made. Coaches and bench staff are
asked to not release the names of any players and the team that they are on, until it is
posted on the BCH website.

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BCHMHA Policy #16

  1. BCH Minor Hockey Association’s primary purpose of player affiliation is to ensure that teams have sufficient available players for fair and safe play in cases of illness, injury, or other unavailability. The affiliation agreement is to fill the original compliment of players to an affiliating team. The affiliation agreement is not to be used to add to the original players signed to a team.  
  2. In cases where a team’s roster is below 13 skaters, the coaching staff may decide to affiliate players to add to his/her roster and bring it up to 13. This philosophy must be discussed with the team and parents at the start of the season. All other AP rules still apply.
  3. The affiliated player’s first obligation is to his/her carded (assigned) team. An affiliated player shall not be permitted to miss a regular season, playoff or tournament game with his/her carded team in order to play/practice with the team to which he/she is affiliated.
  4. Affiliation is not intended to be used as a means by which the affiliated player can play on a regular basis with the non-assigned team.
  5. The Executive understands and acknowledges that circumstances may exist in the case of goaltenders that may require that paragraph two or three may be adapted accordingly.
  6. We understand and acknowledge that the coach requiring the use of an affiliated player shall first obtain the approval of the carded team and secondly, contact the affiliated player’s parents and thirdly contact the affiliated player.
  7. Each affiliated player must sign a Player Affiliation Agreement as well as each player’s parent and both coaches from the affected teams.


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BCHMHA Policy #17
Co-Ed Dressing Rooms

BCHMHA firmly believes in accommodating both genders in our great game. We further believe in balancing this goal with the safety, privacy, modesty and wishes of ALL our members without compromising the aspects of camaraderie, social integration and bonding inherent in a team sport. This policy attempts to meet all these goals while providing a safe and respectful environment for our participants.


  1. BCHMA stresses the importance of coaches in ensuring both male and female players have equal access to pre and post team sessions and to all team related activities.
  2. BCHMA recognizes the physical limitations of some facilities and encourages our members to work with local facility management to ensure that appropriate changing facilities are available to both genders.
  3. BCHMHA allows co-ed dressing room situations to exist at the Initiation Program, Novice and Atom levels, 5-10 years of age provided participants in a co-ed situation either arrive in full equipment or wear at a minimum gym shorts or long underwear as well as a full t-shirt (no tank tops) all of which must be in good condition and without holes/tears.
  4. At the Pee-Wee (11 years old) level and above the following conditions will apply in all co-ed team environments:
    1. Females and males will change in separate rooms
    2. Both genders shall congregate in one dressing room fully prepared to participate in the game/practice not more than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled ice time unless otherwise indicated (to be there earlier) by the coaching staff.
    3. The lesser represented gender shall depart the dressing room not more than 15 minutes after the game/practice unless otherwise indicated (to stay longer) by the coaching staff.
    4. The gender in the majority shall not begin changing, helmets, gloves and skates excepted, prior to the departure of the lesser represented gender.
    5. When necessary, due to facility limitations, showering shall be done in shifts with the gender in the majority showering first. Once the room with shower facilities has been fully vacated the lesser represented gender may use the shower facilities

It is the belief of BCHMHA that these provisions adequately address issues of team unity/camaraderie and provide for the modesty/privacy of all participants.



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BCHMHA Policy #18

BCH Minor Hockey Association has determined that each team shall be entitled to enter as many tournaments as they wish (excluding tykes who may only attend a maximum of two tournaments per year). However, coaches canceling regular season games due to tournaments must ensure rescheduling cancelled games are their first priority.

Tournaments are not recommended during play downs.  Coaches are responsible for obtaining all necessary travel permits.

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BCHMHA Policy #19

All equipment belonging to BCH Minor Hockey Association that is issued at the beginning of each season shall be returned in order and complete at the end of the season. A team official will have to sign out all team equipment through the equipment manager. This includes sweaters, pucks, and goalie equipment.

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BCHMHA Policy #20

Covered under By-Law 1(g)

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BCHMHA Policy #21

The Executive will grant registered representative players an outright release under the following conditions:

  1. as a result of a legitimate change of principle residence to a non-contestable address (OMHA rule #18);
  2. as a result of signing with a higher classified team (i.e. AAA or OHF).


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BCHMHA Policy #22
Community Service

BCH Minor Hockey Association may provide opportunities for students attending high school to earn community service hours. Head coaches will be responsible for ensuring the student’s fulfill the requirements provided by the school board and are granted authority to sign the student’s community involvement record book.  The BCH Coach or approved instructor is also responsible to ensure they contact the BCHMHA Town contact with the volunteer’s name, and are not to allow the volunteer on the ice until they have received notification from same indicating the player has been entered in the MCR system, and are fully insured.

Any student participating in this program must be at least one complete age division higher than the players on the specified team and must wear, at a minimum, a CSA approved helmet, face mask, neck guard and gloves when on the ice.

Only players as noted above, in addition to the players of the specified team, are permitted to participate in on-ice practices.

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BCHMHA Policy #23
Election of Officers

Elections to the Executive are carried out according to the Constitution of the Affairs of BCHMHA and will be done on an annual basis at our spring open meeting.

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BCHMHA Policy #24
Police Record Checks

BCHMHA requires that all carded officials and members of the Executive undergo vulnerable
sector checks as per OMHA guidelines.
The Volunteer Coordinator shall be responsible for the administering of all record checks.
People who have the following convictions on their criminal record will be
disqualified from being part of any BCHMA team staff or Executive:
1. Any assault conviction within the past 10 years;
2. Any theft, fraud or like conviction within the last 10 years;
3. Any sexual assault conviction against children, no matter the time frame.
The Executive and Coaches committee are at their discretion to disqualify a candidate for
any other convictions or reasons they deem to make the candidate unacceptable.

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BCHMHA Policy #25

1. The Executive, by way of motion from the Coaches Committee, will approve all on-ice instructors. Additional assistants may be assigned to conduct on-ice drills during the selection period under the direction of the on-ice instructors. When possible, approximately one month prior to the initial try-outs, all applicants will be advised if they have been selected as the on-ice coordinator, assistant or not. Prior to commencing the team selection process, a meeting will be held with all approved on-ice instructors.

2. The instructors and their assistants, during the selection period, are responsible for ensuring that all players receive an equal chance to demonstrate their skills.

3. Discussions that take place in the Evaluation room are confidential, and shall not be discussed with parents or other people outside the Evaluation room. When a player is released from a team, parents are not to seek out and contact Evaluators about this. Using the Hockey Canada Skills Checklist as a guide, the evaluators are instructed to select the players best suited for the Rep teams. Individual player evaluations will not be available for players, parents, or guardians after tryouts. Any concerns about the player evaluation process can be directed to Executive through the Executive Parent Rep.

4. Requests to allow players to play on other eligible teams will be considered at the discretion of the Executive based on the numbers with the intent to maintain the integrity and spirit of BCH Minor Hockey.

5. At the end of the selection process, a list of players selected for all teams must be completed, and signed by all selection committee members and submitted to the Coaches Committee. The selection of these players must be agreed upon by a majority of the selection committee. Once a player has been placed on a list, his or her name cannot be removed without consultation of the parents or guardian and the coaches committee.

6. Notifications related to the tryout and the team selection process will be posted on the BCH website. Players, parents and guardians are required to follow the online notification process.

7. The coach of a higher level team has the right to recall any player from a lower level team at any time up until the final roster date as established by the W.O.A.A. Coaches must follow the recommended number of players selected per team as set out by the Executive. The number of players will be set in accordance with registration numbers. Attendance at Tryouts

8. Unless removed from the tryout list, or asked to sit out by the Evaluation Committee, players are expected to attend ALL tryout skates. If a player cannot attend a tryout skate they must contact a Coaches Co-Chair prior to the tryout that will be missed. If a player misses tryouts because of injury, illness, or a transfer from another center, the Coaches Committee and if applicable, coaches from the player’s previous hockey season, will meet and discuss how to proceed. (Place the child on the team if the decision is obvious, or allow for the player to be viewed in an evaluation at a later date).

9. If a player is selected for the rep team, and refuses the placement on the rep team, the player will be removed from the rep system and placed on the HL or LL team in that division as an AE team is considered an alternate rep team.

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BCHMHA Policy # 26
Compensation for Teams in OMHA Play downs

  1. BCH Minor Hockey Teams advancing to OMHA Semi Finals or Finals will be allowed to keep their gate receipts profits from the playoff series. Profits are monies left over after the time keeper, refs and mileage have been paid. OMHA Floats must be kept separate from WOAA floats, as the profits from WOAA floats must be returned to BCHMHA.
  2. As well BCH Minor Hockey will purchase a banner for any teams winning an OMHA Championship (72x44) OMHA Finalist (36x30) or WOAA Championship (36x30).
  3. BCHMHA will pay 50% of the entry fee for any team that qualifies for  the Provincial Play down Tournament.
  4. BCHMHA will pay 50% of the entry fee into the International Silver Stick Tournament for any BCH Team that qualifies.

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BCHMHA Policy #27
Traveling to out of town games or tournaments

  1. Any BCH Minor Hockey team that travels out of town to an away game or tournament is to act in a responsible manner and represent BCH Minor Hockey in a respectful manner.

  2. If damage should occur to any public or private property on such an occasion it is the responsibility of the accused to pay and or replace such property.

  3. BCH Minor Hockey accepts no responsibility for such actions and may give a suspension toany player or coach for their inappropriate actions.

BCHMHA Policy #28
Player Movement to a Higher Age Division

1. All BCH players must register and sign with a team in their appropriate age group. Player movement will only be considered in situations where the numbers for all teams and divisions involved allow for movement.

2. If requested by the parents/guardians, or when numbers require, consideration will be given to exceptional players wishing to tryout and sign with a higher age group as per OMHA and WOAA regulations.

3. “Exceptional player” may be defined as one who would be included in the top third of the higher division team that the player wishes to try out for.

4. The Executive Committee may appoint a review committee to determine the abilities of the “exceptional player” and report back to the Executive Committee. In most cases this would involve witnessing the player practice with or play in a tryout period with the higher division. The Executive Committee will review the report and consider all factors before rendering a decision.

5. Player fees are based on the age division of play. If a player is approved by BCH Executive to play in a higher division, the increased fees for that division must be paid before the player is allowed on the ice surface with that division

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