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Constitution & Bylaws

To contact the BCH Minor Hockey Association email [email protected].

The Bayfield, Clinton, Hensall Minor Hockey Association organizes hockey for players from the ages 4 - 20 to play various levels of hockey for the fun of the sport. The association draws its players from an area surrounding the communities of Bayfield and Hensall in the Municipality of Bluewater and Clinton in the Municipality of Central Huron, all within the boundaries of the County of Huron, located in Southwestern Ontario. Our games and practices are held at the Bayfield Community Centre, the Hensall Community Centre and the Clinton Recreation Centre.

This site contains the latest information, schedules, results and upcoming events for the BCH Ice Dogs Minor Hockey Association (BCHMHA). If the information provided does not answer your questions, please email us at [email protected]

Name & Object

Article 1.

  1. This organization shall be known as BCH Minor Hockey Association
  2. The objectives of BCHMHA are to promote, govern and improve organized amateur hockey from Initatiom through Juvenile for children as a Division of the Western Ontario Athletic Association by authority of the Ontario Minor Hockey Association and Canadian Hockey Association:
    1. to foster among its members, supporters and teams, a general community spirit
    2. to maintain and increase the interest in the name of hockey
    3. to have and exercise a general care, supervision and direction over the playing interest of its teams and players
    4. to operate as a non-profit organization

Article 2.

  1. The Constitution of BCHMHA shall not be altered except at an Annual Meeting and notice of proposed alterations shall be given to the Secretary at least two weeks before the day of the meeting and he/she shall notify the Executive of the proposed changes. An amendment of the Constitution shall be made only at an Annual Meeting and by two-thirds majority of the members voting thereon.

Article 3.

  1. Membership in BCHMHA shall be open to any persons in the Bayfield, Clinton, Hensall area who comply with the requirements of its Constitution, by-laws and regulations.(A Member consists of a parent/parents or legal guardian/guardians of the youth playing hockey and must be 18 years or older)
  2. Life Members
  3. Honorary Members
  4. Other elected and appointed officials – ex. Committees


By-law 1

  1. The Executive shall consist of the President, Past President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary.  Other members shall consist of, Coaches Committee Chairperson, Registrar, Fundraising Chairperson, Equipment Coordinators, Tournament Committee Representative, Hockey Parent Representative, Webmaster and Volunteer Coordinator. 
  2. Staff shall consist of, Town Contact, Ice Convenor, and Referee Convenor.
  3. Town Contact - considered the expert to provide facts for others to vote upon.
  4. A quorum shall consist of 8 members or a majority of the elected executive.
  5. The Executive shall appoint all Honorary Members and Committee Chairs.
  6. The Executive shall have control of the affairs of BCHMHA and shall have power to fill any vacancy, which may occur in its number and to amend or alter the regulations of the association and of any house league or championship competition.
  7. The Executive shall have power to suspend, discipline or add onto any major penalties and/or suspensions of any coach, manager, player, trainer, or other official connected with the Association. Executive members are expected to attend all Executive meetings when possible. Any member
    missing three meetings in a row will be contacted as to his/her intentions.
  8. The Executive shall decide on the rate of the registration fee before the beginning of the upcoming season and approve any fundraising activities associated with the association. A late fee will be attached to registration if past the due date set by the registration committee
  9. Requests for refunds of registration fees due to sickness, injury, moving from area or suspensions will be subject to a $100.00 administration fee. These are to be written requests to the Executive and will be on a prorated basis as per table below
    • Before September 30 – Full Refund
    • Before October 31 - 75% Refund
    • Before November 30 – 50% Refund
    • Before December 31 - 25% Refund
    • After December 31 – No Refund
  10. Any player registering after October 1, will be allowed to play at the discretion of the BCH Executive .
  11. Registration must be completed with the Registrar prior to the player being allowed on the ice for any BCH activities (all paperwork submitted)
  12. All funds owing to BCH must be paid by October 15th, the player will be removed from all BCH activities after this date until all funds owing are paid.

By-law 2
Specific Duties of Officers & Officials

The President, within the jurisdiction of BCHMHA shall have all the powers of the President of the Association and, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, shall have the power to:

  1. He/she shall call and preside at all meetings
  2. Sign as a signing officer for the Association
  3. Exercise the powers of the Executive in case of emergency
  4. Suspend club teams, players or coaches subject to ratification at the next executive meeting
  5. Sit on all Committees as an ex-officio voting member
  6. He/she shall serve a maximum consecutive term of no more than two years
  7. Act as the Auxiliary Town Contact when no Auxiliary Town Contact has
    been assigned.

The Past President will help the President when called upon

The Vice President, will in the absence of the President or in the event of his/her
inability to act, the Vice President shall have and exercise all the powers of the President
and shall at times be an ex-officio voting member of all committees.

The Treasurer shall keep record of all monies received and disbursed, shall
deposit all monies in the Bank, shall make all disbursements by cheque, as well as:

  1. He/she shall present at each annual meeting, a report of the year’s operation and financial statement
  2. Shall present mini reports at the request of the President
  3. Shall be one of three signing officers, Treasurer, President, & Past President.
  4. Shall help co-ordinate purchase equipment
  5. Shall co-ordinate all phases of player registration

The Secretary shall perform all general secretarial duties, attend all meetings and
relieve the Executive of all routine details including letter writing, newsletters, and communication whenever possible.

  1. He/she shall publish the notice of the Annual Meeting at least three weeks before the meeting and notify each member of the association in writing
  2. Shall notify the Executive and other Hockey personnel of the time, location and date of meetings
  3. Shall assist the Treasurer with player registration

The Town Contact shall be the WOAA Representative, as well as:

  1. He/she shall be the liaison between BCHMHA and the WOAA and the OMHA
  2. Shall attend all WOAA meetings and BCHMHA meetings with a report
  3. Shall be responsible for all WOAA league and OMHA trophies in BCHMHA possession
  4. Shall be responsible for the receiving and getting certified all players certificates on behalf of BCHMHA

The Coaches Committee shall consist of 2 co-chairs as voted on, with involvement of the President and any other executive members appointed to that committee. The coaches committee will take applications for any coach, manager or trainer for all teams. All bench staff is required to have the proper and up to date certificates needed for their position and a police check is required for all volunteers associated with BCH Minor Hockey.

The Fundraising Chairperson shall coordinate all fundraising activities

The Ice Convener shall coordinate with the arena manager/managers to develop an ice schedule for practices and games for all teams. The Ice Convener will also have contact with the referee convener to schedule referees for all games as well as time keepers. Any additional ice needed or cancellations of ice times must be done through the Ice Convener by giving him/her no less than 72 hours notice.  Executive shall be made aware of any issues prior to ice approval at beginning of season and playoffs.

The Referee Convener shall schedule the appropriate level of referees for all BCH teams exhibition, regular season, and playoff games. Any changes in game schedules, the team must notify the referee convener with at least 72 hours’ notice. If games are deleted, and the referee convener is not notified, the offending team must pay the referee fees for that game.

The Registration Chair shall work with the Treasurer to implement Registration before the end of April of the existing season for the upcoming season and to take applications for the Hockey School in September

The Equipment Manager(s) shall be responsible for the safekeeping of all BCH Minor Hockey sweaters and equipment and be allowed to purchase such on the approval of the executive. BCH Minor Hockey shall provide goalie pads, chest protector, gloves and blockers to goalies requesting such not matter the age group.  BCH shall assist in providing goalie equipment as requested when directed to president or equipment manager(s)

The Tournament Committee Chair shall be the organizer and contact for any tournaments hosted by BCH Minor Hockey The Hockey Parent Representative shall be responsible for the communication between the executive and all team hockey parents, coaches and managers.

The Volunteer Coordinator shall work closely with the Fundraising Chairperson  

Goalie Coordinator: Each year the Executive shall appoint one member of Executive to be the Goalie Coordinator.
The Goalie Coordinator shall: Take the lead role and organize all specialized goalie training
sessions, organize and plan for the BCH Weekly Goalie School, arrange for the required number
of shooters to be available at all goalie training sessions, report to Executive as required,
request Executive approval prior to incurring any expenses, liaison with other hockey
associations to maintain efficient use of ice time during goalie training sessions.

By-law 3

  1. The annual meeting of BCHMHA shall be held prior to June 30 in ever calendar year
  2. All meetings of the Executive shall be at the call of the President, except as outlined under item C below
  3. At the request of 3 Executive members, the President shall call a special meeting. No subject shall be discussed or considered at an special meeting, except that as specified in the notice
  4. Changes or amendments in the Constitution may be made only at the annual meeting by a 2/3 vote of members present and voting
  5. The Executive shall make application for entry into OMHA leagues on behalf of the teams in the Association
  6. No change in league affiliation may be made without approval of the general membership (80%

By-law 4


  1. The following shall be eligible to vote at General, and Annual Meetings:
    1. Life members and honorary members
    2. Past Presidents
    3. Executive Officers
    4. Committee members
    5. Appointed chairs
    6. Coaches and managers of all teams
    7. One member per family
  2. There shall be no proxy votes
  3. No person shall have more than one vote


  1. Each member shall have the privilege of nominating a representative for each elected office of BCHMHA, subject to the following provisions:
    1. A nomination shall not be accepted for the office of President who has not served on the Executive prior to his/her nomination, unless approved by existing executive
    2. A nomination shall not be accepted for the office of Vice President who has not served on the Executive, or a committee prior to his/her nomination, unless approved by existing executive
    3. All nominations are to be handled by executive

By-law 5
Life Membership
LIFE MEMBERSHIP is the highest honor that can be bestowed by BCHMHA and it is awarded only for very distinctive service to BCHMHA. Life members shall be elected at the Annual Meeting of BCHMHA by 2/3 majority of the members voting thereon. A life member shall have full voting rights at all regular and annual meetings.

By-law 6

  1. BCHMHA Financial year end will be April 30th of each year
  2. The Treasurer is responsible to make sure he/she keeps all bills paid on time.
  3. The Treasurer is to work with the Registrar to ensure all registration fees are paid on time. Any outstanding registration amounts that go past 30 days due must be brought to the attention of the President, who will then be responsible for collecting payment or removing the player from the ice if fees not paid by the time line stated in BCMHA By-Law #1
  4. The Treasurer is to present an accurate Financial Picture, which includes account balances, collectibles, and receivables at each monthly meeting.
  5. All cash transactions, including, but not limited to, Tournaments, BCH Days, Fundraisers, and teams door floats, must be handed in with a paper log of the transaction. These paper logs must be itemized, and must be kept by the Treasurer for a period of 7 years. When the Treasurer Position changes, the logs are to be handed over to the New Treasurer. Once the Financial year is complete, these logs may be locked up and kept in the BCH Equipment Locker if desired.
  6. The Treasurer must present a full and completed annual statement at the AGM.
  7. BCH Financial records must be audited at the end of each fiscal year by an Audit Firm approved by the Executive. These Audits must then be presented to the Executive once completed.
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